Resume Reboot

48 hours to an application-ready resume

Tired of tweaking your resume wondering why you aren’t getting any interviews?

You’re not alone! Creating a resume for remote work is different than creating a resume for a traditional job.  Your resume may not even make it to human eyes if it’s not formatted for the applicant tracking system or meeting an adequate percentage of keyword match.

Resume Reboot 


Booking a Resume Reboot is the fastest way to pull together a professional quality, attention-grabbing resume without having to pay for expensive coaching, take a time-consuming course, or deal with information overload from too many Google searches.

Simply send me your current resume and a job posting you are interested in… then sit back and relax. You’ll receive a video & voice recording review of your resume with the exact changes you need to make to land the remote job you’re after.   I’ll additionally share tactics to make sure your resume gets past the Applicant Tracking Systems, while also checking for any spelling, grammar, and formatting errors.  


Upload your resume and the link to a job you are interested in applying for.

You’ll receive a recorded video review with clear steps to a stand out resume.

Implement the changes on your own time & follow up with any questions.

turn your existing resume into an eye-catching doc that clearly tells hiring managers why they should bring you in for an interview.