Remote Accelerator

30 day 1-1 coaching program

Fast track your way to finding and landing your ideal remote job.

Go Remote in 30 Days


The 30 day intensive is a condensed version of my signature 8 week program, The Remote Career. The 30 day intensive is designed for professionals in the early stages of their career looking to land an awesome remote job. Sound like you?  Read on!

Imagine If You …

Could ditch the cubicle and work from anywhere.

Chase global opportunities, not just those in your local area.

Never again commute in rush hour traffic, or tackle the grocery store at 5:30pm.

Had the time freedom to work on your own projects or even test out that great business idea.

Could earn a sustainable part-time or full-time income while traveling.

Had the flexibility to schedule your work day, your way.

Go-getter, you deserve to do your best work & show up as your best self Every. Single. Day. It is the time to invest in yourself, regain your time, and take the next step in landing an epic remote job.

What We Work On






Where to find the best remote jobs (that actually interest you).

How to craft a stand out personal brand, cover letter and resume.

How to approach the interview with confidence- and nail it!

How to build a network of like-minded go-getters to encourage, support and advise you along the way.



How to become the most competitive hire with the best shot at landing an epic remote job.

Meet Megan
I created the Remote Accelerator to transform job seekers into the most competitive applicants for remote work.

In case we’ve never met before, I’m a remote career strategist obsessed with helping professionals escape the 9-5 cubicle, take back control of their schedule, and own their careers.

I’ve spent my entire professional career working for some pretty epic remote employers (and now consult with them on a daily basis).  That’s right, I know all the tips and tricks, and ins and outs of all things remote work. 

Whether you are looking for a flexible part-time job, or a full-time “career” job – I am here to help you find it, land it and ultimately have the flex to work from anywhere.



























Are We a Good Fit?

You’re in the early stages of your career or are a recent grad.

You need to create an updated resume and cover letter and tweak it for remote positions.

You have a LinkedIn account, but you don’t really know how to use it.

You’re excited by remote opportunities, just not sure were to find them or how to pick out the good ones from the shady ones.

You know you have the skills, drive and smarts to do a great job…you just need a hand in packaging it all up and communicating your value.

You’re ready for the freedom to work from home, work while traveling, spend more time with your family, or pursue some big hairy personal goals.



P.s. If you are keen to connect with others also going remote, our group program  The Remote Career might be a better fit.  Not sure which program is for you?  Let’s jump on a quick call and discuss the perfect plan!


How We Make It Happen
Custom Roadmap
A personalised in-depth 1:1 coaching plan tailored to your exact life and career needs.
4 x 1-1 Coaching Sessions
Weekly 45 minute coaching calls to keep you on track and define the next steps. All sessions are recorded for you to refer back to.
Success Tools
Templates, tutorials, worksheets and cheatsheets. Save yourself from the time and stress of creating a resume/cover letter/ LinkedIn (+more!)  from scratch- and have the confidence it’s done right!
Unlimited Support
24/7 voice note + text support for the duration of the program.  Ask your questions and get feedback on anything you are working on.
Mock Remote Interview
Bonus 1-1 video call to practice for the real deal.  Don’t worry- you’ll have all the tools to know exactly what to expect and how to  nail it… but a little extra practice never hurt!
Exclusive Access

Many remote jobs are never even posted online. I work with remote companies on a daily basis and am continuously made aware of new job openings, as well as asked for recommendations.  My clients are always top of mind (and the first to be recommended) when an opportunities arise- which is very often.

Bonus Add-ons
Optional add-ons perfect for the time-crunched professional

  • Client-specific recommended positions, networking groups + companies to follow
  • Done-for-you resume , LinkedIn, cover letter (up to 3)
  • Tailored video application script

P.s. You don’t need to decide now.  These can be added anytime during the coaching program. 


Get Started Today


Fill out a quick application form. I’d love to get to know you and your goals for the program.



I’ll send you a calendar link to book a time to jump on the phone/skype. We’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit.



No obligation, complimentary 15 minute consultation call. Ask me anything. If we are a good fit we can move straight into the Remote Career program.

The Investment

 700 USD paid in full
3 payments of 250

PS. We can also create a custom program for you – book a discovery call and let’s chat!













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