Guide to Massage in Da Nang, Vietnam

If you plan to travel through Asia, you will quickly realize the opportunities for affordable massages and luxurious spa services are endless.



A good massage can do wonders for your body and mind, but a good massage isn’t always easy to find.  Trust me, you want to do your research before lying naked, face-down on a table trusting a stranger to look after you.  

A poor experience is the least of your worries.   It’s downright scary to learn about the non-existent health & safety standards as well as lack of therapist training.


Massage is a weekly thing for me when in Asia.



Ok, maybe even ‘multiple times a week’ thing considering it’s 1/10th the price compared to back in Canada.  The majority of my massage experiences were good in Thailand, unfortunately, I can’t say the same for Vietnam. 


Fear not, with a little research and onsite testing (it’s a rough life), I have the 5 best spa experiences for you to spoil yourself while in Da Nang in a safe and budget-friendly way.


A few things to know before you go for a massage

  • Book in advance (FB messenger is usually fine)
  • Remove all your clothes, except for underwear.  Ladies: bra comes off.
  • Don’t be shy to ask for a pressure change or focus area. They will understand and not be offended. 
  • You’ll be stretched (legs and arms).  Be specific if you have injuries or areas to be avioded. 
  • It is expected that you will tip.  Aim for 10%.
  • Pay in VDN – cash only
  • Expect to receive tea and sugar cookie treats after.
  • Check websites for up to date pricing and services. 


Top 5 CHEAP Spa Experiences in Da Nang, Vietnam 

All of these spa’s hit the nail on the head with English proficiency, cleanliness, noise level and a pre-service written questionnaire to indicate focus areas and desired pressure. 


1. Queen Spa- Candle Wax Massage

Candle Wax Massage price: 450 000đ



Queen Spa is an original in Da Nang, with over 10 years of incredible reviews from happy customers.  There are many unique touches that make the client experience more comfortable.  They provide tea before & after the service, a video reel of the different services so you understand what to expect, and a pre-massage form.   They also remove the awkward feeling of trying to ask for a pressure change with a sign language system.  For example, raise one finger for softer pressure, and two for stronger. 



I highly recommend you gave the candle wax massage a try.  The wax is mixed with water to make it warm, not hot, and massaged onto your body.

2. TRE Boutique Spa – Facial


The Fresh Facial price: 550 000đ

I have very sensitive skin and am very picky on who I will trust with my face.  I went to TRE for a hydrating facial after a little too much fun in the sun.  The owner, trained in Switzerland & Canada, is adamant on only using quality Italian products.  The spa is also located on the top floor of a hotel away from the never-ending Vietnamese street noise.  …I’m also little obsessed with the owner of TRE Boutique: Viet.


Viet treats his staff like gold and supports local events with free services.  It’s no surprise all of his spa locations are thriving. I checked out the TRE My Khe location for a body massage and the experience was just as luxurious.  You can trust TRE Boutique for professional, consistent and quality service. 


3. Herbal Spa- Ultimate De-Stress


Oil Massage price: 550 000đ

Herbal Spa is an experience for the senses.  You can’t help but feel calm from the moment you walk into the lobby as see the staff smiling warmly. Feel at ease with herbal scents, candles, relaxing music AND a pre-massage written questionnaire.  The therapist is skilled and will tailor the massage to accommodate for any injuries/problem areas. Highly recommend the signature oil massage.

4. Lani Spa: Four Hands Massage (MUST TRY!)


Four Hands Massage price : 920 000đ

If you only have time for one massage experience in Da Nang, go for the four hands service at Lani Spa.  This is the most unique massage I have ever experienced.  It is a little pricier as you have two therapists working on you at one time.  The therapists will massage and stretch (gently) your body to the rhythm of calming music.  I actually caught myself drooling a little on the brink of sleep.

5. Lotus My Khe Spa – Best Fusion Massage

Vietnamese- Thai Fusion Massage price: 400 000đ


If you sit at a computer all day like me, listen up. The Vietnamese style of massage is focused on working out knots in muscles through kneading techniques.  Alternatively, Thai massages are more focused on stretching techniques. How do you decide?  At Lotus, you don’t have to. They offer the best of both worlds with a unique Vietnamese-Thai fusion massage.

Would you try massage in Vietnam?  If yes, what service?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.