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Crushing it in your career, but feel like your life is on an endless cycle of work-eat-sleep-repeat?

Fact is…you would love it if you had more freedom and flexibility to do more of what you love daily…

To travel, to hit the gym at an hour that isn’t 4:30am or 7 pm, to spend some time with your family, to actually get some sleep…

But, you’ve worked hard to get where you are. You don’t want to risk sabotaging your career.

Go-Getter, I feel you. I have been exactly where you are.

And, guess what… 

You can live an extraordinary life, while also having an extraordinary career.

Hi There! 

I’m Megan

I help career-driven professionals find, apply for, and land their dream remote job so they can live a life full of freedom and flexibility.

I’ve spent my entire professional career working remotely while having the flexibility to work from home, travel, and make time for the people that matter most.  I am obsessed with helping you achieve the same freedom to cut the commute, work from home, chase opportunities outside your local area or even travel the world.

When I’m not coaching ambitious go-getters, like you, I’m probably off exploring a new city, creating travel videos, or busy getting the down-low on all things remote work as a consultant for remote businesses in the travel industry.


You can live an extraordinary life while also having an extraordinary career.

But Why Work Remote?


Work-life balance

save time

save money

save the environment

No commute

Opportunities outside your local area

Less makeup, more sleep

Cut greenhouse gas emissions

Save on gas, parking, clothing…

Design your work environment

Shop & workout off-peak

Flexible hours

Less exposure to illness

Cook at home

Avoid stressful rush hour traffic

Control over your day

Oh, and Don’t Forget…


 I started my remote career after landing my first ever “career job” as a remote employee for a Fortune 500 company.

I was blown away by the freedom that came with NOT being on cubicle lockdown Monday-Friday.

I could work from anywhere, wasted zero time in rush hour traffic, and didn’t need to stress about a 10 AM dentist appointment.  I was thrilled, to say the least, but I seemed to be the only one.

I’ll never forget when my grandpa flat out said: “Megan, when will you stop playing around and get a real job?”

Harsh, Grandpa, harsh.

I knew that my remote job – benefits, salary, coworkers, deadlines and all – was as real as any other job.  But, it was hard to feel confident (or 100% excited) in my position when my friends and family were so skeptical about work from home jobs. 

And, they weren’t the only ones.  Most people seemed to look at remote work as…well…a joke.

It drove me nuts. How could they not see all the possibilities a location independent career could bring you?!

And, so, The Remote Career program was born.

It became my mission to show other career-driven people, like you, that location independence does NOT mean loss of job status, missed opportunities, or an inability to progress in their careers.

Friend, it’s actually the contrary. Working remotely means more time to do your best work while working in an environment that fulfills you, and opening up doors to job opportunities around the world.

It’s the freedom of a freelancer, with the stability of a full-time employee. I mean…common!  An amazing career with the freedom to work when and when I work best? Yes, please!

A Little More About Me..


Working remotely from 50+ countries

Being a resume + cover letter nerd

Creating Youtube videos on travel and lifestyle design

Being anything BUT subtle. I’ll tell it to you straight (while also being your biggest cheerleader)

Sitting back-to-back with a mountain gorilla in Uganda

connecting with employers + professionals in the remote work community










I started working remotely in 2016.  In 2016, I also started traveling the world. 



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