50 Side Hustles You Can Start RIGHT NOW to Make Money From Anywhere!  


Whether you are a student, building a business or working a 9-5, a side hustle is a perfect way to earn some extra cash on the side.

Most methods of earning an online income require an upfront investment of time, money, or education. Some of these methods, like getting started in dropshipping or building a service-based business, can grow and eventually replace your fulltime job.

These are not included on this list by the way. On this list, you will find websites and platforms that guarantee you will make money.

You do the job, you get paid. They require minimal qualifications and many can be done online, worldwide. Here are 50 ways YOU can start making money RIGHT NOW.


1. Dog walk or Pet sit

You can do something as simple (and fun!) as walking dogs and pet sitting, and paid for it. That’s right! Websites like Rover connect pet owners and pet sitters/walkers through their website in exchange for 20% of the service fee. Rover.com operates like most freelance websites where you build an online profile and there is an app to help you communicate with pet owners.

The qualifications required to register are minimal and jobs are available in most major US and Canadian cities. You will be required to undergo a background check when you register.

2. Sell on Etsy

Etsy.com is an online marketplace where you can sell handmade goods and digital products to buyers worldwide. The options are endless, from handmade jewelry to digital products like website elements and WordPress templates. You set your price and hours: you can be your own boss!

3. Sell Digital Products

Talking about selling things online, let’s take a look at platforms like Creative MarketCafePress, and Zazzle. These are websites where you can sell digital products that you create. Think company logos or custom designs that can be printed on T-shirts and Mugs. If you are creative and skilled in photoshop, creating designs is for you!

One of the many advantages of selling digital products is that you don’t have to worry about shipping costs. Your product becomes available to anyone anywhere in the world immediately . The best part is that once you create it, you can sell copies of the same design as many times as you wish without needing to put in any extra work!

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Photographer Taking Pictures

4. Sell Photographs or Videos

Do you love taking photographs and making videos? You can sell these to stock websites such as Getty ImagesAlamy, and istockphoto. Each site has a different model for you to get paid, with some offering upfront payment and others giving you a percentage based on the sales made.

Oh, and you don’t need to be a photographer or have fancy gear. Lifestyle images and videos that are taken on your smartphone are in high demand.

If you happen to have a drone, you should definitely look into selling stock videos!

5. Sell Your Things Online

You can sell your things on peer to peer marketplaces like CraigslisteBayLet go or my favorite: Poshmark , which will pay for your shipping.

You can buy and sell other people’s things at a higher price in these market places as well. It’ll be a bonus for you if you know the actual value of certain gear: buy it cheap, sell it high!

You can also consider collecting any gift cards you aren’t using and selling them at a discount on Giftcard Granny.

Woman Thinking of Selling Books

6. Sell Your Books Online

If you are a student, you can sell your used textbooks at your school bookstore, or get a better bang for your buck on Bookscouter.com.

7. Rent Your Gear or Equipment 

You can rent your equipment on Ruckify or Fat llama for some extra cash. These are peer to peer rental marketplaces. It’s a perfect option if you don’t want to sell your items, but want to rent them out in your local area on a short term basis. Do you have a lawnmower, a camera, exercise equipment, or an air conditioner you aren’t using? Rent it!

You could also rent baby gear on babyquip.com to city visitors that may not have had the luggage space for things like car seats and strollers.

8. Rent Your Clothing And Accessories On Style Lend

On Style Lend, you can mainly expect to see demand for dresses, shoes, bags, and accessories. You will find people who are looking for things to wear for specific events without spending a fortune. Not everyone wants to spend a fortune on an article of clothing they’d use just once. So if you are a fashionable person, you can rent your clothing here and make some money for yourself.

9. Rent Your Car On Turo

Do you own a car? If you need some extra cash, you could consider taking public transit for the work week and renting your car out on turo.com.

10. Advertise On Your Car

You can place adverts on your car with a company like Wrapify. You can have your car wrapped in adverts, and you will passively earn money for doing your daily commute.

Airbnb Rent

11. Rent Your Property

You can rent your house or room out on an online market place like Airbnb to people in need of a place to stay during a trip or vacation. Be creative: I see rentals for coaches and even tents at over $100/night if in a prime location or near a high-profile festival.

You can also make money renting your garage, driveway or parking spot on AirGarageRoverparking, or Kerb. Easy, passive income!

12. Sell Your Old Phones or Devices On Gazelle 

Do you have an old device that you are no longer making use of? You can make some extra money by selling it on Gazelle. Submit your device information, you will get an offer and if you accept, they will pay the shipping for your device and give you cash.

The company was featured in many well-known news articles for the surprising amounts they pay for old devices. Definitely worth a look!

13. Babysit

Do you love kids? Then this is perfect for you! You can make money babysitting by offering your service on Care.com. This is great if you are already staying home with a child and could add a few more to the mix. You can also offer more services like tutoring, pet care, special needs, and senior care!

14. Drive for UBER

This is pretty self-explanatory. If you have a car and a clean driving record, you can make around $20/hour while working within your schedule on Uber. You can also register to offer driving services on Grab and Lyft.

You will be required to provide proof of age, car ownership, and driving experience.

15. Deliver Food 

Do you love food? You can deliver food for services like UBER EatsGrubhub, Postmates, or DoorDash and make money doing it. Requirements vary on each website. You may be required to meet the minimum drinking age for your city, own a car or scooter, a valid driver’s license, and have at least one year of driving experience. You can make up to $20/hour delivering food on these platforms.

Delivery Guy MealPro

16. Deliver Packages 

If delivering food is not something you want to do, you can consider delivering packages for a platform like Amazon Flex or Roadie. You can make up to 25/hour without the hassle of handling food (or strangers!) in your car.

17. Deliver Groceries

Delivering groceries is another great way to make some extra cash. On Instacart or Shipt, you receive a shopping list from the customer then grab the groceries and deliver them. You are paid directly on the app, and you can make up to 22/hour.

18. Offer Professional Services On Amazon Home Services

You can offer your expertise as a designer, electrician, or anything else, to people in your local area while also having the trusted name of Amazon to support you. This is only available in select US cities, but it is expected to grow in availability soon.

You will be required to show your license if applicable for the skill you wish to offer, as well as other background checks that may be carried out to verify your legitimacy.

19. List A Gig Or Service On A Freelancer Platform

You can provide freelancing services on websites such as UpworkFreelancer, or Fiverr.

I hire on these sites, but I wouldn’t list my services because of its availability to freelancers worldwide. It’d be difficult to offer my services at a competitive rate against someone equally or more qualified that lives somewhere with a much lower cost of living than Canada. It’s common to find services from qualified workers for 5USD/hour.

However, some niches are more lucrative. I know people doing well by offering resume writing and LinkedIn profile optimization for the US market. It’s worth having a look!

20. Work From Home On Appen

Working on Appen is another way you can sell your expertise online. You are vetted to ensure your experience, and then listed and paid for performing tasks through their website as an independent contractor.

Working on Laptop

21. Answer Questions On JustAnswer

Just Answer is an excellent resource for people to find answers to their important legal and medical questions. You will provide answers to some of these questions, and you can expect to earn an average of $2 – $5 per question answered.

It is required of you to provide your professional credentials during registration.

22. Deliver Suitcases With Airmule

This is a pretty unique concept. You earn money on airmule.com by delivering luggage. All you have to do is to use your unused checked baggage allowance.

Simply list your trip, meet with Airmule staff at your departure gate, check the bag, and then pick up the bag when you arrive at your destination airport. Finish by dropping it off with another Airmule staff member at the destination airport.

You will receive a detailed list of all the contents in the bag, and are welcome to open it up and confirm for yourself.

23. Create an Online Course With Udemy or Skillshare

You don’t need to overcomplicate this one. A short 20-minute mini-course is another way to monetize your expertise. There are other course-hosting platforms, but Udemy and Skillshare are more user-friendly, especially if you’re just starting on the journey as you don’t need a website or a payment gate. They host and promote your course for you in return for taking a higher commission. Your job is simply creating and uploading a course on any topic you can speak to.

Remember, you don’t need to know everything to teach someone else, you just need to be a couple of steps ahead of your students.

Get 2 months FREE access to unlimited classes on SKILLSHARE

24. Work Part-time as A Virtual Assistant

You can work as a part-time virtual assistant on Fancy HandsBelay Solutions or Time Etc.

Belay solutions pay up to $19/hour and also pays for your training. All training and client work is done online.

25. Work As A Virtual Healthcare Recruiter With Relode

When you apply relode.com and you are accepted as a recruiter, you are given access to job positions that need to be filled. Your job is to find qualified applicants.

This is great if you work in healthcare and have access to a large network of industry professionals.

You get paid a percentage amount from the yearly salary if the individual you recruit gets employed.

Working and Taking Calls

26. Work As A Healthcare Assistant On Pleio

If you don’t have extensive healthcare experience or qualifications but would still love to work in healthcare, you can sign up with Pleio.com. Your job will be working completely remotely, from home or wherever, calling patients to remind them to take their prescription medication.

You can make up to $18/hour.

27. Pick Up Small Local Gigs

You can carry out odd tasks that do not require special qualifications on TaskRabbit or MechanicalTurk. On TaskRabbit, jobs are available in most major cities in the US and Canada. People list a specific task, date, and price. These can include mounting a TV, house cleaning, or assembling an IKEA desk. You accept the job, complete it, and get paid through the taskrabbit website.

28. Perform Small Tasks On Easyshift And Gigwalk

Similarly, you can pick up small jobs through Easyshift and Gigwalk. These apps allow you to make extra cash on your schedule by completing quick jobs at local stores and shops. An example might be to take a photo of a product on display in your local grocery store. Companies need this information but would rather pay you $5 to walk by, take the picture and upload it to the app instead of hiring employees to do a site visit.

These jobs are small and low paying, so you may need to pick up quite some tasks if you want to make a measurable impact on your earnings. They’re perfect if you just need a little cash in your pocket, fast.

29. Charge Electric Scooters In Your Local Area

Become a Lime Charger and charge electric scooters in your local area. Two companies that accept people for this role include Bird and Lime. You can see where scooters are on a map, you collect them and charge them using a standard outlet plug, then drop them off at designated areas called Bird Nests or Lime Hubs.

Expect around $5/scooter. It requires minimal qualifications and you don’t have to deal with people. You just collect scooters and charge them.

30. Work As A Website User-Tester

Help improve user experience by testing websites as a paid UserTester. You will be asked to complete a task online while recording your screen narrating your experience doing it. For example, you may be asked to go to a website and navigate to the contact information page. You would then talk about your experience while navigating to the contact page. Your screen is recorded to show how easy and user-friendly it was to navigate the website.

You can expect to be paid about $10 for a 20-30 minute website test. All work is done from home, but often tests are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. As a result, work is not consistent.

Teaching Online

31. Teach English Online

Do you speak English? Great! You can make money by teaching on sites like SayABC and VIP Kids. I have found these two to be the highest paying, but there are many similar websites you can teach on.

Some companies require North American accents and a bachelor’s degree. You may require to work when Chinese kids are off school. This will be in the evening in China. This could mean working early mornings and late evenings in North America which is great if you are looking for work outside of your 9-5 hours.

You can make up to 25/hour depending on the company.

32. Teach On TakeLessons

If you don’t want to teach English, but you have something else you can teach, check out TakeLessons. You can teach anything from sewing to playing the guitar to singing. You can decide if you want to teach in person in your area or teach online.

33. Tutor On Chegg

You could also consider becoming a general online tutor through Chegg or Tutor.com. This would be a great side hustle in the evenings or over the summer if you are a teacher.

It’s also great if you are just getting started as a teacher and have all the qualifications, but still stuck with inconsistent work supply – teacher jobs are hard to get in Ottawa, so this is most people I know.

34. Host Local City Tours

Consider hosting local city tours for people visiting your city. You can do this through AirBNB experiencesLocalieVayableshow around, and WithLocals. Take guests to a local brewery, top city sites, or on a popular hike. Even just being there to help tourists navigate the transit system and language barrier is something people will pay for. All money exchange is done through the app or website.

35. Host A Cooking Experience

You can do this through the sites mentioned previously, but sites like EatWith allow you to specifically invite tourists to your home for a home-cooked meal. This is a great way to earn some money if you love cooking.

Transcribe Doctor

36. Transcribe Online

You can be a transcriptionist and transcribe audio files into text on TranscribeMeTakeNoteDailyTranscription, or TranscriptionForEveryone. You work completely on your schedule turning audio into text.

I hire someone to transcribe all of my YouTube videos so they have accurate subtitles.

37. Translate On Gengo

Offer Translation services through Gengo. If you speak a second language, you are in demand to translate text into English. You work online and on your schedule.

You can expect to earn about 3cents/word.

38. Interpret On LanguageLine

Another option if you speak a second language is to become an interpreter for LanguageLine. As an interpreter, you listen to a limited English speaking individual, analyze the message, and accurately convey its meaning to our customer. Each call is a three-way conversation between the interpreter, the client, and the limited English speaking individual whom the client serves

39. Proofread Online

Become a proofreader for sites like American Journal Experts or Gramlee. You can proofread articles on these sites and earn about $12 – $20/hour.

40. Offer Voiceover Services Online

You can be a voice actor and offer voiceover services for sites like VoiceBunnyBackstageand Voiceovers.com. You will need to have a quiet space and a decent microphone to record yourself speaking. You can earn around $20/hour depending on the company

41. Create Content Online

Become a content creator for Clearvoice. They hire freelancers to create all forms of content from writing to making videos to animations for their business clients.

42. Provide Call Center Customer Service

Become a call center customer service representative on LiveOps. You can work from home and have a flexible schedule. Payment is made by LiveOps and not by the clients.

43. Provide Chat Box Service

If you hate phone calls, consider becoming a paid chatbox service representative. Chat with customers and answer their questions. CrowdChat and Live Chat Inc. have minimum qualification requirements and pay around $17/hour.

44. Name Businesses On Squad Help

On Squadhelp, people submit information about their company and then you submit your ideas on what they should call the company. If your idea gets selected, you will be paid somewhere between 100 and $300.

45. Become An Affiliate Marketer

Don’t overthink this one. You send someone to a store, and then you get a commission on whatever the person buys. Anyone can be an affiliate, and you don’t need a website or an online presence to promote products.

Let’s say you use the website host: Blue Host. Go to their website, scroll to the bottom and click ‘affiliates’. Fill out the information and get a special link. Then when your friend asks you who you use to host your website, you can say “this awesome service ‘Blue Host, I’ll send you the link”. If they buy, you make a commission on their purchase at no cost to them.

I get asked in Cafes all the time about my laptop stand. By being an affiliate I get a commission every time I recommend, which is something I would be doing anyway.

If you can think of any product or service that people ask you about or that you find yourself constantly recommending, go to their website and see if you can become an affiliate and earn on that recommendation.

46. Become a Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassadors represent brands, usually at live events, educating people on a company and giving out free swag. This is something I have done many, many times. Anyone can be a Brand Ambassador (companies want diversity!) and the pay is usually quite good.

Mystery Shopper

47. Become A Mystery Shopper

Try mystery shopping through a company like Field Agent. to head to stores or restaurants and review the service you receive. Mystery shoppers buy in secret, documenting their experiences with the retailer. You will get your meal or item for free and also get paid for the time.

An example would be going for dinner at a local restaurant and ordering alcohol to see if the server asks for your ID. Another could involve not speaking to service staff, but simply seeing how the store laid out a product display. Mystery shopping can be done at a physical store or an online store where you review your experience on a website or with a call center customer representative.

48. Become an Extra in a Movie or TV Show

Try being an extra in a movie or TV show. I used Smythcasting to get several movie extra roles in Ottawa. Check out your city as you may be surprised about what is currently filming locally.

As an extra, you require minimal qualifications and you are paid for long days hanging out on set, although you only have to work for a little time. Anyone can be a movie extra as most scenes just want real people showing diversity in the background.

49. Write On EssayWriter

Write essays for college/university students on sites like Essays-writers.netiwriteessays.com, and edubirdies.org. It’s perfect if you are good at researching and know how to use referencing styles like APA and MLA. There is a surprising amount of demand and you can make up to $20/page.

50. Rent Your service as a friend

Rent your service as a Friend on RentAFriend. They advertise that you can make up to $50/hour showing newbies around the city and attending events or parties with people. I’m skeptical, but had to include it on the list and am dying to know if anyone has ever tried being a rental friend or rented a friend.

These side hustles are a great way to earn some quick cash while working completely on your own schedule from (almost) anywhere in the world.

Let me know in the comments which side hustle you are most interested in giving a try. They are all pretty risk-free, and who doesn’t want some extra spending cash? Give one a go today!

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